Grant Childs

May 29, 1977 – August 7, 2015

In Loving Memory of Grant Childs

Grant Childs was taken from his family and friends in a tragic car accident on August 7th while traveling in Michigan. Grant was a great father, dedicated husband and a cherished friend to many.

Grant was an extraordinary man and an extremely valued member of our team. As a Senior Account Manager for Preferred Materials, Grant was very well-liked and respected by both customers and employees. His outgoing and enthusiastic personality, along with his quick smile, made Grant a friend to many people in our industry and in the Fort Myers community. Grant always went above and beyond in his personal life and as an ambassador of the company – serving on Oldcastle’s National Commercial Performance Team, the Preferred Materials Marketing Team, and the Preferred Materials “Green Team” community outreach program.

Grant will be greatly missed and not forgotten.

​Gateway Gives Foundation, with direction from the Childs Family have set up a central channel to accept donations on behalf of the family. 100% of the donations will be directly redistributed to the family to use at their discretion. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Childs’ family during this difficult time.

To make a donation via PayPal:

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Make the check out to: Gateway Gives Foundation
Memo: GC Family Fund or Grant Childs’ Family Fund
Mail to: 9834 Weather Stone Place, Fort Myers FL, 33913

Share your memories of Grant

Grant touched so many of our lives and left us with wonderful memories. We’d like your help to collect these memories to pass along to his three young children so that one day they may know him better through you.

Please share your story by filling out the form below. We will compile these for Grant's family as a gesture of our immense gratitude for having had him in our lives.

3 responses to “May 29, 1977 – August 7, 2015”

  1. Joy Galatro says:

    This photo was pulled from a video we produced for Preferred. It shows Grant patting the back of a co-worker — classic Grant. Whenever we saw him at a job site interacting with co-workers, he was so well liked and always showed such respect for his peers.

  2. Russ and Darlene Berner says:

    Our son,Warren Berner, often spoke about golfing, fishing, hunting, and work activities that he shared with his friend, Grant Childs. When we started talking about selling our house, Warren suggested we contact Grant. We were very impressed with his enthusiasm and knowledge. He called or text us every week to keep us informed about events concerning our house. Every conversation included discussion about his wife, his children, and / or Michigan State. He expressed an abundance of joy that he shared with his family on the Disney Cruise. He was looking forward to another cruise with his family. Grant told us Noell was wanting to rent a motor home and travel the east coast, and he suggested next summer may be time. Grant talked about sports with his boys. When Michigan State was playing March Madness, Grant’s text read, ” I think I had a mini heart attack during the overtime!”
    Grant was so proud of the signs that were made to advertise our house. He was always optimistic. He held two open house events and he provided balloons and treats for our visitors. We greatly appreciated his integrity, his diligence, and his outgoing personality! He always wore a warm smile! We are blessed to have known Grant!

  3. Joy Galatro says:

    I first met Grant when I toured an asphalt plant and a concrete plant with him and fellow Preferred employee, Craig Zampicieni, as part of an orientation to Preferred Materials back in July 2014. Our company was hired to identify what made Preferred distinct and valuable to its customers compared to the competition. I experienced that special distinction first hand that day. Grant and his co-worker Craig made such a positive impression on me, not only as representatives of their company and the “brand” of Preferred, but that he and Craig were both such kind, helpful, smart, professional, good humored people. I always thought of Grant and Craig as “rock stars” of the Preferred Materials team; they were top notch (the picture I took of them that day is attached to this note).

    As Grant continued on as a member of the “branding committee” working with our team, I was fortunate to work closely with him on many occasions – he was there bright and early helping us when we hosted breakfast “launch” events for the company around the state, he stood by my side during our video interviews with Preferred employees who were recognized for going “above and beyond” in their jobs, and he was always so helpful when we needed absolutely anything at any time as our companies worked together to build the brand of Preferred. I remember being so impressed at Grant’s attention to detail in all of his followup — and the cheerful disposition he exuded in his email notes. You could imagine him smiling as he wrote those words with his perpetual “no problem, glad to help” attitude.

    Grant was the consummate “good guy” and our entire team always enjoyed our interactions with him. Our hearts are broken over the loss of Grant. He was such an incredible human being and we will never forget him.

    joy wynne galatro
    vice president brand strategy
    walker brands

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