Corporate Responsibility

At Preferred Materials, our focus is on safety and environmental stewardship. Not only do we meet all safety and environmental regulations, but we also take it a step further. Corporate responsibility is not something we try to “do,” it’s a natural part of who we are.


Every step, every process and every task as we manufacture and deliver construction materials is continually evaluated with the safety and health of our employees in mind. Our approach to safety is centered on an employee-driven process where the people who perform the work have a vested interest in making sure those processes are safe. Not only are the employees the center of our safety culture and drive its success, so are our customers and the general public.

We know that our delivery vehicles are large, so we take sharing the roadways with the general public very seriously. We hire the industry’s best and most professional mechanics and drivers, and we further commit them to ongoing safety and skills training courses to maintain that standard.


We live and raise our families in the communities where you build; so while we want to keep the trucks rolling, we’re also keenly interested in building the strength of the community and protecting the environment. Our people-first philosophy means we always support our neighbors and make decisions that will have a positive effect on the generations that will come after us.

Our responsibility to minimize our impact on land, air and water resources is very important to us. We comply with all environmental regulations and look for opportunities to improve the world around us throughout all of our business processes.

Community Involvement

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our local communities by supporting activities that make a difference. In an effort to build relationships and be a good neighbor, our ready mix and asphalt plant facilities host community events such as open houses, plant tours and customer appreciation days. And we support employee-driven community action teams, such as our annual beach clean-up, wildlife garden project, and awareness efforts for charities including the American Cancer Society.