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Preferred Materials Employee Finds Manatee In Storm Drain

Dec 15 2016

manateeIn December 2016, Preferred Materials’ Distributor Operator, Deidre Gibson discovered a poor Manatee that was stuck in a storm drain. Deidre and the crew contacted local authorities to initiate rescue efforts. We are proud to report that the Manatee is safe and was transferred to SeaWorld in Orlando, FL for treatment and rehabilitation.

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Preferred Partners to Build Research Garden at a Georgia School

Oct 15 2016

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In October 2016, Preferred Materials partnered with the Richmond Hill Schools Field Studies Program to complete a 5,000 SF agricultural research garden on the Richmond Hill Middle School campus in Richmond Hill, GA. The garden consists of a 720 sq. ft. greenhouse, 44 framed, raised beds and container gardens. The crew from Preferred Materials constructed the raised beds and assembled the 44 boxes which extend the beds 6 in. above the ground. Preferred also brought in excavating equipment to dig down 12 in. into the gravel base and filled each box with 18 inches of topsoil.  This garden will allow students to conduct research on fertilizers, prevention and treatment of plant disease and infestation, and on which varieties of certain crops (e.g., tomato) are most successful in Georgia’s hot, humid climate.  Data and observations will be shared with community stakeholders to encourage families to grow some of their own produce in small, home gardens. The research garden also contains a number of native wildflower trial beds that will support the vegetable garden but are also part of a larger pollinator habitat restoration project.  Click here to read more about this project.

Preferred Featured in Pasco County Native Garden Tour

Apr 24 2016

Native Garden Tour

On Sunday, April 24, 2016, Preferred Materials was honored to be involved in the Nature Coast Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society’s First Annual Native Plant Tour. Preferred’s Odessa Concrete Plant was the first stop featured on a seven stop driving tour of native gardens in Southern Pasco County. In November 2015, Preferred earned the 2015 Wildlife at Work certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council for its eight-acre wildlife habitat site, where one acre is designated for a wildlife garden and outdoor learning space. The site’s pollinator garden hosts more than 75 different species of native plants. Many of the visitors were people who wanted to learn more about native plants and how they could help improve their landscapes and environment. The event was deemed a resounding success from all participants.

Preferred Earns Wildlife at Work Certification & Re-Certification

Dec 2 2015

Wildlife Cert and Re-Cert

On November 12, 2015 Preferred Materials received a certification and re-certification award from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) at the Conservation Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. …Read more


Nov 19 2015

Odessa Science Plant TourOn the heels of earning the 2015 Wildlife at Work Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council, the Odessa Concrete Plant Wildlife Habitat site at Preferred Materials hosted Mrs. Cheryl Pahl’s fourth grade science class from Hunter’s Green Elementary School for an educational tour. The eight-acre site houses a ready-mixed concrete plant, where one acre is designated for a wildlife garden and outdoor learning space. Students were educated on the properties of concrete, shown how to fill a truck in the plant, instructed on measuring products in the lab, and spoke with a driver about what it was like to drive a concrete truck. …Read more