Preferred Materials Wildlife Team Digs In To Wildlife Project

Sep 24 2014

In June, Oldcastle Materials employees in Odessa, Fla., joined by the OMG Environmental Best Practice Group, planted 2,500 flowers, trees and shrubs, resulting in a pollinator garden with more than 90 different species of native plants. This is the first wildlife habitat site by the Preferred Materials – Concrete Division as part of the 2014 Preferred Materials Wildlife Garden Project. The 8-acre site houses a ready-mix facility where 1-acre will be used for wildlife garden and outdoor learning space.

Their efforts will help Preferred Materials achieve the goal of earning the Wildlife at Work and Corporate Lands for Learning certifications through the Wildlife Habitat Council in 2015.

Oldcastle Materials partnered with the Wildlife Habitat Council in 2004 to improve biodiversity on the corporate lands through the establishment of wildlife habitat sites. As of today, Oldcastle Materials has 18 certified sites throughout the country, primarily on quarry sites. The Preferred Materials’ project is an example of what can be done on a smaller – non-traditional site.