Building Materials

We know you prefer a one-stop-shop for all your building materials, so at Preferred Materials we warehouse and deliver multiple lines of construction related products. With thousands of products to select from, we carry almost everything you need. If you are looking for something special that’s not listed here, we are happy to provide pricing and delivery information quickly, so you can keep your job moving forward. We promise the highest level of customer service to make obtaining materials and getting them to the job site easy and hassle-free, from asphalt to concrete to all the little and not-so-little things you need to complete your project.

Glass Block

We carry the full line of Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, including the Wind Load Resistant Kwik N EZ system.


Chemicals and Colors

We carry all kinds of construction chemicals including form releases, bonding agents, curing compounds, sealers, water repellants, colors and pigments, stains and coatings, and epoxies and liquid Hardeners.

Increte     Chemical               

Precast Lintels and Sills

We carry a full line a precast lintels and sills.

Bag Goods

We carry Portland cement (Gray and White), Masonry cement (Gray and White), Stucco cement, pre-mix mortar, concrete mix, and rip rap. We also carry various repair and resurfacing products including vinyl patch, non-shrink grout, hydraulic and anchor cements.

BagGoodsAmerican     BagGoodsBonsal

Fireplaces and Accessories

We specialize in the Isokern standard and vent-free systems. We also carry fire brick, chimney flues, and fire clay mortars.


Stone Veneers

We specialize in El Dorado stone veneer products including the popular mountain ledge and weather edge profiles.


ADA Tile

We carry ADA approved tile in a variety of sizes and colors, in both cast-in-place and surface applied systems.


Masonry Accessories

From masonry reinforcement to brick ties, from expansion joint to truss anchors, we carry a full line of various masonry accessories.

durawall      anchorbolts


We carry a wide variety of construction hand tools and safety items including trowels, floats, brushes, brooms, shovels, hoses, wheel barrows, scrapers, sponges, levels, saw blades, boots, hard hats, and safety glasses.



We carry builder sand, stucco sand, concrete sand, natural sand, limestone aggregates, granite stones, and river gravel.