Preferred Materials understands that technology is changing how the construction industry works – for the better – with more efficient ways to manage projects. That’s why our company has invested in a customized solution to provide our ready mixed concrete customers with complete, real-time details from ordering to pouring, so all the critical information you need to make logistics decisions on the job site are at your fingertips.

Not sure if you changed the order time, increased the quantity, or released the concrete for delivery?

Wondering the exact time our ready mix concrete truck will arrive at your job site? Now there’s an App to manage these scenarios and many more.

MyPMI™ by Truckast can be used on an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or any device with a web browser. The program is also available on desktop computers, so office staff has instant access to job details, too.

We made this investment so that you have access to the best possible tools for planning, knowing with precise accuracy when your trucks will arrive. It’s our way to be accountable to you, to help keep jobs moving and on schedule – saving you time and that means money.

The best part? The details you access at your fingertips are the exact same details we’re seeing.

This completely transparent way of doing business – making every batch of concrete on every truck visible to you – is just one way Preferred Materials strives to deliver innovative and exceptional service to our customers.

MyPMI™ by Truckast gives you streamlined and simplified access to the information you need to get business done, delivered like never before. Isn’t that what you prefer?

To begin tracking your next concrete order with the MyPMI™ by Truckast App, contact your account manager or email