RSW International Airport

Project: RSW International Airport

Location: Fort Myers, FL

Company: Preferred Materials Inc. - Concrete Division

Completion Date: Summer 2013

Ready Mixed Concrete

Preferred Materials Inc. provided 10,000 cubic yards of FormReady™ to the RSW International Airport in Fort Myers Fl.  The general contractor, Manhattan Construction and the subcontractor, Florida Hydroseeding and Erosion Control  have been extremely pleased with the performance of our FormReady™ mix.  This project is an example of our ability to custom design a product to meet a very specific need and in this case the specifications required a flowing grout mix with a 9 to 11 second flow.  During the first placement it was determined that this flow range would not work for the steep grade of the embankment so PMI and the manufacturer of the fabric forms met with Manhattan and the RSW airport officials to identify the appropriate flow rate and re-designed the FormReady™ mix to suit this project’s unique needs.  Brad Tanzer, owner of Florida Hydroseeding, said “Preferred Materials’ FormReady™ mix was instrumental in helping my team maintain an aggressive pour schedule on this job

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