San Pablo Road

Project: San Pablo Rd Improvements

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Company: City of Jacksonville

Completion Date: February 2016

Asphalt and PavingPaving Service

In February 2016, Preferred Materials provided more than 500 tons of asphalt to the City of Jacksonville in order to create a smoother transition onto two bridge decks where its footings had settled at different elevations. The task was achieved by profile milling for tie-in locations; including approach slabs, leveling asphalt and a final surface lift, as well as expansion joint sealing and striping after final paving was performed.

San Pablo Road is well-known to those who travel to the Jacksonville Beaches. Over time, the roadway settled at a different elevations, which proved to be hazardous. Accidents and vehicle damage became too common for the area. The much needed improvement project proved to be a relief to residents, and Preferred Materials was praised in a local Jacksonville newspaper for a job well done.

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