SR 24

Project: SR 24

Location: Alachua County, Florida

Company: Preferred Materials Inc. - Asphalt Division

Completion Date: 05/29/2012

Awards: 2013 ACAF Urban Resurfacing Award (District 2)

Quick Facts: Mill & Resurface 10.7 miles of 4-lane curb and gutter roadway.

Asphalt and Paving

This project included 16,500 tons of hot mix asphalt, traffic level D, both structural and friction.  The main challenges of the this project were working at night and the multi-lane curb and gutter sections.  (Cross slopes and curb reveal)

The average lot CPF (Composite Pay Factor) for all of the asphalt was 104.

There were ZERO straight-edge deficiencies in all 10.7 miles of resurfaced roadway.

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