Trilogy PET Scan Vault

Project: Trilogy PET Scan Vault

Location: Largo, FL

Company: Preferred Materials Inc. - Concrete Division

Completion Date: April 2010

Ready Mixed Concrete

Preferred Materials Inc. provided 440 cubic yards of concrete on the Trilogy Hospital PET Scan Vault project in  April and May of 2010.  The General Contractor for this project is Bay Area Constructors, and the Concrete Contractor is Carr and Sons.  The vault is designed to have walls which range from 3 ft to 6 ft  thick in order to shield radiation from the PET scanner housed within.  This project posed many challenges including a high unit weight, low water to cement ratio, plastic concrete max temp of 80 ° F, a max hardened concrete temp of 150 ° F for first 48 hours.  PMI worked with Carr and Sons to overcome these challenges by providing an innovative new product called PlaceReady™.  PlaceReady™ has unique rheological properties that allow concrete to achieve extreme flow when vibrated yet does not maintain liquid head pressure for a prolonged time after vibration has ceased; this allows for quick placement.  When PlaceReady™ is utilized, pour lifts can be executed with brief times between lifts.  PlaceReady™ can be customized to overcome many issues that cost concrete contractors time and money.


  • Radiation shielding against neutrons, gamma, and X-rays
  • 154.1 lb/ft³ unit weight
  • .35 water to cement ratio
  • 10 inch slump
  • Temperature controlled to adhere to strict specifications for crack prevention
  • Crushed ice utilized at 125 lbs/yd³
  • Thixotropic mix allows for brief waiting time between lifts

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