At Preferred Materials, we’re about people serving people. Our employees are the stars. They set us apart from our competition, and they are the reason why customers prefer doing business with us. Their stories help us tell our story. We recognize our “star” employees who exemplify these characteristics:

  • GOOD PEOPLE. Quality, safety, reliability. You can be confident that Preferred will always deliver on that. If there’s ever an issue, we make it right. Period. And if you need something more, we will make it happen with a can-do attitude. Because as our customer, YOU come first.
  • SMART, PROACTIVE PARTNERS. Beyond the products we sell, we’re your partners who want to help you build your business. Sharing national best practices. Taking the time to listen to you. Bringing our team together to strategize with you on a regular basis.
  • COMMUNITY-MINDED. Community is family and that’s what gives meaning to our lives. Working together with each other and with customers, our Preferred team shares their time and talent to make the community where we live a better place.

Super Stars: 1st Quarter 2017

Safety Always

Brian Howard
Asphalt Foreman

A brush fire ignited on a jobsite and Brain sprung into action. Because of Brian’s quick thinking and careful effort, the fire remained contained and the crew was able to continue working that evening.

Above and Beyond

Broderick Richmond
Laborer/Rail Crew

Broderick Richmond set an outstanding record, completing nine 5S Projects and he has proven that even having less than a year on the job, you can quickly establish yourself as a genuine steward of safety.

Make It Happen

Lorenzo Irving
Ready Mix Driver

Lorenzo used his problem-solving skills to save 40 yards of concrete from being rejected. The crew was able to use Lorenzo’s idea to be effective and make it happen.