Above and Beyond

Broderick Richmond, Laborer/Rail Crew


For the month of February (the shortest month of the year), Broderick Richmond set an outstanding record. Broderick completed nine 5S Projects; the most number by one person, to date, in a single month. ”5S Projects” are actionable efforts made by an employee related to Sorting, Sweeping, Simplifying, Standardizing, and Self Discipline in order to improve the safety of a work environment or process. Some of Broderick’s projects included: designing a pedestrian segregation system, creating a French drain so employees were not working in standing water, indicating hazardous trip-prone areas by painting steps yellow, and repositioning signage in the yard for better visibility. What is even more remarkable is that he has achieved this record within his first 120 days of employment. As a member of the Green Hard Hat Program at CYD, Broderick has proven that even having less than a year on the job, you can quickly establish yourself as a genuine steward of safety.