Honored to Help

Matt Fanjoy, MOT Supervisor

Matt — the Hero of the day

Matt was heading to work on the I-75/University Parkway project in Sarasota, Florida. While at a stop light, Matt noticed a woman in an SUV beside him who jump out of her vehicle and run around to the rear passenger side door. The door was locked so she ran back to the driver door, hit the automatic door locks and then ran back to the rear passenger door. At this point, Matt realized something was wrong so he got out of his truck and asked the lady if she was okay. She was hysterical and yelled to Matt that her baby was choking. Matt dialed 911 and spoke with the operator as he helped the mom and her baby. They laid the baby across the mom’s knee and forcefully struck him between his shoulder blades. He was turning blue, but finally coughed up what he was choking on. A nurse in a nearby car ran to the scene and assisted from there. The mother was grateful for Matt’s assistance in saving her baby’s life that day.