Honored to Help

Oakland McCulloch, Lead Rail


In July, all West Central and South Florida Lead Rail personnel were attending a quarterly Lead Rail meeting in Tampa. During the course of the meeting, one employee began displaying seizure symptoms. Oakland was the first to recognize that his teammate was in trouble. Oak’s prior military and medical training kicked in and he calmly took over the situation. Oak recalled the designated “911 caller” from the morning’s job briefing and instructed that individual to get their phone ready as another employee went to get cold water for the employee in distress. 911 was called and while waiting for emergency personnel, Oak assisted the employee and instructed others in the room on how to respond. The success of Preferred’s safety culture is dependent on its employees because lives depend on it. Oak recognized his teammate was in distress and took control of the situation; minimizing a life-threatening situation. The employee was rushed to the hospital and experienced no long-term effects from the seizure.